Improvement of overall breathing and sleeping patterns

Bioelectric Stimulation

Accelerates arch expansion and freezes position to avoid relapse

What is ArchStim?

ArchStim is a bioelectric stimulator with electrodes with patented signaling sequences for accelerated arch expansion and reducing relapse. The patented technology controls specific biological protein expressions such as RANK-L, VEGF, SDF1 and PDGF for accelerating arch expansion and OPG and BMP-9 for stabilization and reduction of risk of relapse.

Designed to be used with any commercially available arch expansion device.

Patented bioelectric signaling

Patented bioelectric signaling sequences for controlled release of RANK-L, VEGF, SDF1, PDGF for accelerated arch expansion and release of OPG and BMP9 for stabilization and avoiding relapse

ArchStim™ bioelectrics can be used to accelerate results with any and all commercially available arch expansion devices. Also can be used to stabilize firmly new arch shape after expansion treatment minimizing risk of relapse.


• Intended to reduce arch expansion and reshaping time by 2/3rds and to reduce relapse incidence by 90%.

• May be used with any commercially available arch expansion device.

• Choice of non-invasive convenient cheek or internal mouth electrodes

Regulatory Note – Bioelectric stimulators are FDA 510K cleared only for improving circulation, inflammatory pain relief and improving muscle motion. ArchStim is gathering pre-clinical and clinical data with intent to apply to the FDA to expand cleared indications of use.