Improvement of overall breathing and sleeping patterns

Archstim Team

The ArchStim Bioelectric DNA appliance also helps patients avoid extensive orthodontic work, such as years of metal braces or uncomfortable palate expanders, as well as dental procedures such as tooth extractions to free up space in the mouth.

Howard Leonhardt

Executive Chairman & CEO

Tom Newman


Dr. Leslie Miller

Chief Medical Officer and Vice President Clinical Affairs

Dr. Jorge Genovese

Vice President Bioelectric Regeneration Research

Larry Stevens

Chief Regulatory Advisor

Allen Turner

Chief Patent Counsel

Bruce Methven

Chief Corporate Counsel

Kim Medina

Chief Accountant

Natalie Selbe

Accounts Payable

Sean Heyniger

Senior Advisor Business Development

Kelsie Leonhardt

Senior Neuroscientist Advisor

Lynn Hammerschmidt

Chief Marketing Advisor

Dave Boyd

Senior Graphics Design and Animation Advisor